New 'dark Black' Tones vs Slim Armor

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    Some photos of my 'black' Tones, after dyeing OEM Tones with RIT dye for about 45 minutes (in not simmering, but scalding hot RIT dye). Basically in a pot, on 'low' on my stove.

    I compare it to the Slim Armor and a blue Tones. My dyed Tones now is a dark charcoal on the TPU section.

    It really looks GREAT! If you are interested in details, let me know. Hats off to the OP above who first did this. Also, the process did not remove the black ring either. Buttons are a bit softer, which his good.

    Although I like the OEM light grey, this dark charcoal is much nicer, and the Tones has a better lip than the Slim a perfect and easy fix!!! Plus the Tones is a thinner and less wide case than the SA. Additionally, the Tones does not scratch like the SA (you can see the scratches on the SA in the photo below).

    My RIT's Tones on the left, black Slim Armor on the right. OEM blue Tones in the middle, untouched.

    Front and rear shots of the RIT SwitchEasy Tones. Front lip is now dark charcoal since it is TPU and absorbed the black dye.

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    Nice job viewfly.

    I've got a replacement Tones case on way from Switcheasy as mine kinda got a bit damaged though general light usage.

    I wonder if using plastic bumper spray would give the same effect or do you think it would rub off in your hands?
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    New 'dark Black' Tones vs Slim Armor

    Thank you.

    I don't have experience with bumper spray. However without a good surface prep, I think the TPU portion flexes enough that the paint will crack and come off. Or just rub off.

    TPU naturally absorbs grime over time that can't be cleaned. The hot dyeing process seems to be permanent and mimickes that process. The polycarbonate portion, however, doesn't take the dye. So probably the same with paint and therefore carefully masking would be necessary.

    Maybe find some cheap TPU and give a try?

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    Okay here is a quick YouTube video showing all sides after the RIT dye black job I did. I put the original OEM port plugs in the case so you can compare the original Tones 'black' color with the new dyed color.

    It's easy, just be careful not to make a mess, or use your wife's pots. I bought a cheap one at the store.

    YouTube video and snapshot of the bottom case with original port plugs.

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