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    Our family needs a new computer and I wanted to get my kids on the fast track to loving Macs. I'm looking at a desktop (mini vs iMac) but was wondering if there is a way I can have the monitor also double as the TV in the room and still be larger enough to do things like play a Wii (not that we have one of those yet). Any suggestions on how to blend a Mac device with large enough screen to watch TV/DVDs and play the Wii?

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    I would get the mini. Then get a 1080P HDTV with plenty of HDMI inputs. I'd say at least four HDMI (Mini, TV, Game Console, Blu Ray). It will also need an HDMI jack linked to RCA or optical audio for the Mini. I'd also get with dolby digital output (optical or coaxial). So you can hook up a stereo receiver as flat screens usually have horrible speakers. By connecting audio from the TV to stereo you only need to change inputs on the TV to change audio and video sources.

    TV Advantages
    - More inputs
    - Larger screen
    - Remote Control
    - Louder Speakers
    - Outputs for audio

    - Resolution (if you want to go above 1920x1080)
    - Brightness (if sitting up close)
    - Price (this really depends on the quality of TV or monitor)

    With a larger screen on the TV. You can also tuck away the Mini. With the bluetooth keyboard and magic mouse you or your kids can use the computer on the TV from the comfort of your couch.

    Edit: By the way I would purchase all the cables through Retail stores really rip you off on cable prices. As far as digital AV cables go premium cables make no difference. Either the digital signal makes it through or it doesn't. The only cable where quality would matter would be a headphone jack to RCA cable if you go analog audio rather than digital on the Mac Mini and monoprice sells high quality analog audio cables. You will also need a mini DVI to HDMI adapter.
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    I would get them a PC and a big stick so they could then beat the Pinata until the candy falls out...


    Ok, I'm sick of PeeCees today. :p

    I do agree a Mini is a good choice for a kids' machine. You can replace the monitor and keyboard if you need to and the mini is pretty robust as long as they aren't using it as a pinata or something. ;)

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