New earbuds coming from Apple?


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Jul 10, 2007
Maybe this is just wishful thinking, but the midtown Apple store in NYC has been out of the Shure adapter for "2 weeks", according to a manager there. And at the online store, the adapter ships in "2-3 months" Months? This seems very odd to me. Shurely, Shure can crank out these simple mic cords faster than that. To me it smells like something's up.

Scenario 1

Apple: "Hey Shure, we're gonna hold off on the adapter cables for a couple of weeks. We have some earbuds coming out that we think many people who would otherwise buy your adapter would rather have. If we continue to sell your adapter, then come out with our new buds, we're gonna see a ton of adapter returns...bad for both of us. Once our buds come out, we'll start back up with your adapter and people can buy whichever suits them."

Shure: "Shure thing. We only sell them through you so far anyway, so you call the shots."

Scenario 2

Apple: "Hey Shure, let's partner on some new up-market iPhone-ready earbuds for the IEM make 'em, we brand 'em. They'll say Powered by Shure."

Shure: "Shure! Sounds great! In the mean time, we should probably scale back on the adapter thing."


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Aug 15, 2006
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Me smells some puns for shure!

Scenario 1: So we're destroying any hopes of these guys selling anything for a month or two.
Solution 1: Maybe we're having some productions issue, riots and what not.

Scenario 2: So apple now needs someone else's help??
Solution 2: Hey Apple, if we released headphones together why not just keep the adapters on the market for people who originally had bigass headphones and want to keep them. Market the product to those originally intended target groups.


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Jun 10, 2004
Maybe the new iPod will have bluetooth and wifi capabilities. maybe Apple is finally coming out with stereo bluetooth headsets for the new iPod.


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Sep 7, 2005
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more likely scenario: iPhone Nano!


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Jun 28, 2007
i like #2 a resonably priced set of headphones with shure components and apple design, plus a mic of course.
Just posted this:
Shure Stereo Headset - Universal
Keep your hands free and your ears happy with this premium 3.5mm stereo headset from Shure. With a I2c-m in-ear headset, inline microphone and personal fit kit, this headset is perfect for your music enabled phone. (2.5mm adapter available separately.

They are on sale (online) here:

Looks like Apple's headset but the buds are different.


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Jun 28, 2007
Buds for "normal" ears

Yeah, I certainly hope so. I never could wear any of Apple's iPod/iPhone buds. They are way too large :mad: