New eMac Logic Board - Missing Power Button Connector


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Hi, I just bought a new Logic Board for a 1.25Ghz eMac and I've put almost everything back together after installing it until I ran into a problem. The power button cable that runs from the power button on the casing into the logic board has no connector on the Logic Board itself, now I have an old logic board that whilst being broken has a connector on it but I really don't want to have to solder the connector on for fear of breaking the logic board. Or is there perhaps another way to solve the problem?


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Sep 17, 2009
I dont think you got another choice
if you ever want to switch the eMac on :confused:
and if you fear of breaking something get someone else to do it with more experience in soldering ...a tv repair shop might be the easiest and cheapest answer to that , bring them both boards and get them to de-solder the connector and re-solder it to the new board

this connector is if i remember that right near between harddrive and the ports (ethernet firewire usb) a small 3 pin connector , so if the harddrive is facing you the connector is on your left


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Having now broken the appropriate connector :S I need to find a replacement, does anyone know the name of the appropriate connector or a source where I could order one in the UK because I don't want to have to get a third logic board simply for one small connector. Looking at it it looks fairly standard but I'm just not sure exactly what I should be searching for.

Any help?


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Sep 9, 2007
I think the button is a simple button - at least it was on my 800Mhz eMac.

So you could solder wires and use any connector.

Theoretically you could set it to reboot on power failure and turn it off with a power strip (or leave it on all the time) - could wreck havoc on the hard drive though. Just have to jump the contacts for first boot.