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Discussion in 'Apple TV Apps' started by OutGolfn, Apr 12, 2018.

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    What are everyone's thoughts on the new designed ESPN Apple TV app and ESPN+ Direct to Consumer offering?

    My thoughts are this shouldn't be seen as a replacement but more as an enhancement for Sports Fans! Over time they will provide more and more programming to drive Direct to Consumer ESPN+ sales as the legacy cable cash cow slows... Disney has been slow to the streaming party, but content is king and with the upcoming Fox Sports regional networks buyout they will truly be the place to go for almost all sports 5-10 years from now. Disney has the money and content to make it happen it will just take time.They are playing both sides of the table!

    ESPN 3 is still providing vast content and the ESPN+ is new additional content. See schedule of all ESPN and you can toggle between ESPN+ and ESPN3 to see the difference:

    Also this gets rid of the ads on their website, pre-roll videos/highlights, and throughout the new ESPN iphone/ipad app. For $4.17/month paid annually I think this is a great options for sports fans!
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    You will still need a TV provider subscription to get the major sporting events like MLB, NFL & NBA.
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    Not really. Most of ESPN+ content was previously ESPN3 content. It seems as licensing expires for ESPN3 contracts, they will move more and more content from ESPN3 to ESPN+.

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