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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by nbs2, Apr 17, 2006.

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    In the spirit of the many rantings and ravings on in this forum, I wanted to present my own. What is wrong with the morons that are intelligent enough to be in professional school but too stupid to understand distribution lists and list-servs? It's not like email is some new concept that nobody has ever heard of before...

    We use several distribution lists within our email system at the campus and within the law school. We have been doing so for years (at least sine before I got here three years ago). Yet, I still find idiots that don't know how to properly respond to announcements. Even more annoying is when they do this to make a politically charged comment in response to what was a very proper and polite announcement. I really shouldn't take the whole thing so personally, and now that I have deleted it, I shouldn't let it bother me. But, I wish people would know when to keep their mouths shut and how the english language works. Instead, we end up with what looks like another derogatory comment directed towards the same group that seems to have been the victim of those comments in our wonderful, cultured, tolerant society....:mad:

    Anyway, I just needed to vent about that....I really hope I don't ever run into Jilian or Julien or whatever her name was.....GAAA! Where do these people come from and how can I hide from them?

    To all those tech support and customer service people out there whose heads have not yet exploded, I salute you.
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    I have seen similiar problems - when folks reply all to a mass email - and in one case- so many found it funny they kept doing it - over and over - until the server crashed. Reall funny. Not so smart when you put your name on a message like this with everyone from your boss to the president of the company on the sme message. Part of our Remedy was to use the Blind Copy line to send out notes with a large distribution.
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    That's a brilliant idea! I've seen far too many moronic responses from supposedly intellectual people who've decided to hit the "Reply All" to send what they supposedly thought would be a witty comment all on the list-serv should enjoy. BAH! They just waste my space!

    In addition to that.... I have a few "acquaintences" who insist on forwarding me every single sappy/feel-good email known to man. There are just so many times I can get those inspirational stories/deep thoughts/sappy poems before they just lose their feel-good intention. And don't get me started on those stupid hoax emails that I keep getting over and over again (sometimes from the same people).... Haven't people ever heard of!

    Oh, yeah, and people who insist on having a casual conversation with someone else on their side while you're trying to help them out over the phone (just had to deal with one of those a little while ago). I don't care how fun/popular you are or how interesting your life is, just let me fix your dang problem....

    I'm sure this has been ranted about before, but the Reply All comment made me think of it.

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