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    Sep 8, 2012
    I've heard alot of people complain that iOS 7 is just a new ui with no new functionality, and having used the beta for a while I can say that's just not true. Here's what I have so far

    Live clock

    True multitasking

    Game controller support

    Today view in notification center, which is lining up to be alot like google now

    Recent links in safari, which is like a reading list of all the stuff your friends on Facebook or twitter post

    Endless safari tabs

    Live wallpapers

    Timers are shown on the lockscreen

    iTunes radio

    Greatly improved siri, now it shows web searches in the Siri ui and you can edit your searches if it gets them wrong

    Blacklisting for calls and texts

    FaceTime audio calls

    New square mode in camera app

    Camera filters

    Reliable iCloud that updates content in the background

    Videos app lets you stream all videos wether they are synced or not

    Level and Protractor in compass app

    FaceTime is its own app

    Background app updates

    Weather app now shows sun rise/ sun set humidity, chance of precipitation and wind speed
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