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    Now that we've upgraded the forum software (see announcement), users can create personal albums with photos or other images.


    Each user's photos are organized into albums. Each album has a name. Each photo has a title and can have comments from other users.

    Each user has an album page that shows one photo from each album and lets you click to view that album.

    There is a main album page (Choose Pictures & Albums in the Community menu) that shows a selection of albums.

    Creating albums and photos

    The steps are straightforward. To add an album, go to the main album page and click Add Album or go to your own profile page and click Add Album or Show All Albums (on the right-hand side of the page).

    When you create an album you can choose whether it is public (all site visitors can see it) or private (only your contacts and friends can see it).

    Once you are looking at an album, click Upload Pictures. It works like the Attachments feature for forum posts.

    While viewing a photo you can click Edit Album or Edit Pictures to change an album name, delete an album, change or delete a picture, etc.

    One photo in each album is designated the "album cover", the photo that appears in your album display. Choose it when you add a photo or click the "This is the album cover" button when editing the photo's page later.

    When you are in the edit view of one of your photos, you'll see Picture URL and BB Code boxes. You can copy the text and paste it into forum posts to put a link to your photo, or the photo itself, in your post.

    The "Me" album: photos of you!

    We've established a convention that will make it fun for users to find photos of other forum users.

    If you would like to post photos of yourself, create an album with the name "Me" -- make sure it has exactly that album name -- and use it to post one or more photos of yourself, alone or with other people.

    You can still post photos of yourself in forum posts, in other albums, or use your own photo as your avatar or profile picture. Having a "Me" album is completely optional and voluntary. However, please do not post photos in an album named "Me" unless you are in those photos, since that would be misleading. We know that anybody can pretend to look like anyone else at a forum site, but we ask that you follow the guideline if you choose to create a "Me" photo album. Thanks!

    Netiquette and Rules

    Post only photos that are in good taste, i.e., that would be acceptable in a forum post. If you see an inappropriate image, use the Report Picture link to report it to the moderators.

    Use the photo comment feature for friendly or at least businesslike messages. It is not the place to start arguments or make negative comments about what others choose to display. Also, keep in mind that one user's flirting may be another user's harassment. Don't treat "Me" albums as a "hot or not" invitation, since it may not be welcome.


    The photo album feature is new. If there are bugs, glitches, or problems with these features, please let us know and be patient while we try to smooth things out.

    Your comments and suggestions about the album feature are welcome.
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    Bug was spotted, then fixed

    We've spotted one glitch from the start: the main album page doesn't display the right images and the links to albums don't work.

    Until we track down the problem and fix it, you can click on the user name for an album and view their photos by clicking an album shown on their personal profile page.
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    can Aperture 3 directly create albums and/or add photos?
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    Not really. It has the same constraints as uploading a photo directly to MR. Size limit is 1.14MB at 600px by 600px. You could create a custom Export setting in A3 to match these requirements, but you would still need to Export them to a folder on your computer and pull them to your Album from there. Not automatic, but a workaround.

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    Quite a nice idea - one of the other forums I visit uses VBulletin software as well and it has the photos.

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