New from 3GS to 4S and e13ctron S4V

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by mario24601, Nov 18, 2011.

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    Finally got my 64GB 4S to replaced my 2.5 year old 3GS (32GB), took 28 days BTW. Here are a few shots during unboxing and also some with the S4V case. I have the all-aluminum and the Hybrid back also. I decided to put the Hybrid back on instead since the aluminum did degrade the signal a little, not much but just a bit…the Hybrid for some reason was showing better signal at time than without the case but maybe that was a anomaly.
    Initial impressions: great screen upgrade from 3GS, speed have noticed a little but since I don’t have all my apps loaded yet I have not be able to fully test but I am sure the speed is well increased.
    I also put a couple of shots with the S4V case next to my 3GS with Agent18 and they almost look identical to me…I am actually considering removing the case all together…maybe I’ll just get one of those leather Sena slip covers…I really only want it on when I rest it on the table…the 4S is kind of slippery to me but what can you do. I am going to get applecare+ so maybe its time to stop using cases.

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    The speed increase from the 3GS to 4S should be noticeable.

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