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    Jul 3, 2010
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    Super Keyboard – Full Screen
    “…Finally a unique app that is going to change habits..”

    How many times did you postpone Emails or long texts until a computer was reachable because you are frustrated of confronting the iPhone’s tiny keyboard?
    Thanks to the new iOS4 we were able to develop an application with a costume made keyboard – a full screen keyboard with double sized buttons and multiple visual customizations.
    How does this fantasy work?! - How can we see the text?!
    We offer a half transparent keyboard, where the user can personalize the button’s color, text’s color, text’s font size, keyboard’s OPACITY and even set a preferable search engine.

    “…Wow I’m typing now much faster and with no mistakes..” a beta tester says…
    Once the user typed a text he can select one of following options:
    - Send an SMS right from the application.
    - Send an Email right from the application.
    - Google it or search in the preferable search engine (Youtube,Bing...etc).
    - Copy to & Paste from clipboard..
    Now you can fairly deal with a long text in your iPhone/iPod.

    Contact info:
    Tal Shumski,
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    Jul 3, 2010

    Soonest update (free update):
    - Spell Checker
    - Even faster response time

    Full Screen Keyboard - super keyboard HEBREW

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