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    Use the power of physics to destroy the super bugs in this mind bending brain beating physics puzzle game for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


    - Cool physics puzzler
    - Mind bending puzzles
    - Great colourful graphics and music
    - 3 zones, 10 rounds per zone
    - 20 custom rounds
    - Built in game level editor to create your own brain busting puzzles!
    - Round records
    - Share scores on Facebook


    New zones, new physics, new objects and puzzle sharing coming soon!

    Back at the lab your latest super science project journal has been invaded by super bugs from another dimension and if not eliminated will soon make short work of your life's work! Your job is to eliminate all dastardly bugs using your secret weapon “cOnnecticOn strings”. Use your intellect and cunning to set up simulation experiments that will clear each page of bugs.

    Your job is not easy however as these cunning little bugs evolve and arrange themselves into different configurations to keep you guessing




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    Promo codes

    Promo Codes

    Please post if you use them so others know they are gone.
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