New game "Talking Pocket"

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    "Talking Pocket"

    Price: 0.99 $
    Release date: 25-10-2010
    Size: 22.4 MB.
    Version: 1.0
    Requirements: no less than iOS 3.0; iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
    Language: english

    Application “Talking Pocket” this is the unique world of creatures which is living inside iPhone, iPod touch and iPad they have their own emotions, can learn words and with the help of them can communicate with the master.

    We try to leave aside the casual interface of the game to create an idea of real life inside of the telephone.
    There are many active objects with the creatures in the space where our characters appear and grow.
    By activation of this objects you can achieve different effects, these objects will be enough to surprise the creatures and give pleasure of the phone’s master every day.

    By making the creatures happy or upset you may notice that after a while they will be more of them and they change their style, as well as other creatures appear the world inside iPhone and live its own life.

    Everything the owner of the game must do is pay attention to the creatures and communicate with new friends from time to time.

    Official website:
    Facebook fan page:
    Youtube video trailer:


    Find at App store: Here
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    sorry for the incorrect link for app store price, thx to Dillenger.

    here is true link, - price - $ 0,99

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