New game title Pablo on Mac OSX

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    May 1, 2012
    Hi there,
    Checkout our new game title Pablo for Mac OSX. Explore Pablo's fantasy world. Watch the screenshot below and you will found this fantasy world are so excitement. Pablo will found several weapon to fight the foe. From axe, pick, hammer, morning star and sword. Each level has unique trap and obstacle.

    features :
    - 2D sidescrolling gameplay with gorgeous 3D environments
    - awesome characters
    - original soundtrack
    - nice soundFX
    - support keyboard or gamepad for controls
    - awesome 3D graphics exclusively for OSX
    - Tons of tricky platform
    - Fun for all ages

    Screenshot :

    iTunes Link : Pablo

    Please visit our official website
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    Thx, at this time promo codes are still unavailable.

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