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Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by Cashmonee, Jan 5, 2015.

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    For any of you that haven't seen this yet, Garmin announced a few new watches:

    The Vivoactive. Similar to the Apple Watch. Screen is not probably anywhere close in quality to the Apple Watch, but it does have GPS, BTLE, ANT+, waterproof to 50m, and battery life of 10 hours with GPS on, 3 weeks without GPS. All of this for $100 less than the starting price of the Apple Watch.

    The fenix3. It's the fenix2 with a ton of new features. Better screen (although not as good as the Apple Watch), a sapphire version, concurrent ANT+ and BTLE, adds WiFi, daily activity tracking, and a bunch more fitness oriented features. $499-$599 depending on model. Battery life of up to 50 hours with GPS, weeks without.

    Then the Epix. Basically the fenix 3 with a square face and preloaded maps.

    All of these will allow third party apps. They will all be out this quarter, and all of them are priced competitively with the Apple Watch. Obviously it is debatable if they are equal to or better than the Apple Watch, but one thing is obvious, this market is not anything like the markets Apple entered with tablets and phones. Personally, for my purposes, the fenix2 was already a better fit than the Apple Watch. The fenix3 now blows it out of the water, again, for my purposes. The difference being real, useable features as opposed to parlor tricks.
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