New GPU in eventual 2013 MBP?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by GreatUsername, Jul 2, 2013.

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    We're all pretty confident that there'll be a new MBP sometime in the Fall of 2013. It's almost certain to have Haswell, increased battery life, 802.11ac, and the fancy new flash storage that were all featured in the latest MBA.

    I've yet to hear anybody talk about the MacBook Pro's GPU. The Nvidia Geforce GT 650M is over a year old now and there's plenty of better notebook GPUs that are featured in PC's such as those from Alienware and Razer.

    Nvidia's Geforce line for notebooks goes by increments of five (650M, 655M, 660M, etc.) and right now they're all the way to the GTX 780M SLI (wow that's a lot of extraneous characters!) which has been tested to be at least six time faster (at least by my math). You can find more information on the 650M here and the 780M here. You can also look up Nvida's website for even more information.

    So do you think that the Haswell MacBook Pro will sport a fancy new dedicated graphics card and if so which one exactly?
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    The 700M series is basically a rebadge of the 600M series with very few internal changes. Which GPU Apple chooses will mostly have to do with power draw and heat output. If they didn't put a 680M in the current models they aren't going to put a 780M in the new ones.

    A 750M or slightly higher would be the logical choice if they keep a dedicated GPU.
    (Edit: Or an AMD equivalent, Apple does like to switch back and forth between GPU suppliers)

    The other option they have is to go with Intel's Iris Pro HD 5200 graphics which provide performance around that of the 650M but would result in longer battery life and less heat.
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    A new GPU is in the works that can drive 3x 34" 4K displays simultaneously. You heard it here first. :D
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    Where have you been, under a rock?

    Try using the search function, there a threads upon threads discussing the potential new GPU or not as the case may be.
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    I don't see any :/
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    1. It's all discussed in "Waiting for Haswell MBP megathread".
    2. Dedicated graphics in 13" is not gonna happen. It will almost 100% certainly use Haswell ULT 28w chips with Iris 5100 on-board graphics.
    3. The thermal capacity of 15" rMBP clearly asks the "will we see the 780m SLI in it?" question. Apple couldn't put more than ~50w GPU into 2012 rMBP, and they surely won't do it with 2013 models. From my POV the chances we'll see 750m/760m or 5200 Iris Pro are 50/50.
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    On the MacBook Pro??? That would be amazing. I'm hoping the next rMBP drives just one 4K display. The Mac Pro with it's huge desktop GPU will drive three. A laptop GPU that can do the same? I hope your right but I'm skeptical for this year's model.
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    The limitations on what GPU they can cram in a MacBook Pro is heavily dependent on the thermal constraints of the chassis- anything much over a 45W TDP is highly impractical, meaning we'll probably see a GT 750M or (less likely) a GTX 760M. There's a possibility of a switch to ATI as well, but for a meaningful increase in performance we're all waiting for Maxwell architecture.
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