New HD - having reinstallation issues

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by selloutvixen, Aug 6, 2008.

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    Hey guys.. I'm having a problem with my iMac. I've seen a few topics on a number of different forums, but the problem isn't specific enough to my situation to be sure.

    I'm not extremely computer saavy, so forgive me.

    I heat-warped my old HD on my iMac, so I bought a new HD online and brought it to my local Apple dealer to have it installed. (there are zero Apple stores within 50 miles or so)

    I lost my original gray DVD that came with my computer, (I know this is a huge no-no, but I moved twice since I bought the computer, and I've looked everywhere to no avail) so I called Apple and had replacement 10.4 DVDs sent to me.

    When I boot up, I get the popular error message of, "this software cannot be installed on this computer". When I picked up the machine, the guys at the Apple dealer said that was all formatted and ready for a new OS. Before this new install on the brand new HD, I did use the install discs once before to reformat on the old HD.

    Is there no alternative to calling Apple and having more replacement DVDs sent? Is it possible they sent me the wrong ones?
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    Since this was an Apple Dealer (and not an Apple Store) the drive may not have been formatted correctly.

    Do this...

    1. Boot from the installer DVD that Apple sent you.
    2. When you check "English" stop there.
    3. Go to the Utilities Menu and select Disk Utility
    4. In Disk Utility (DU for short) look on the left side and you should see the new disk drive there.
    5. Select the disk drive device name (not any volumes below it).
    6. Click the Partition tab
    7. Change "Current" to "1 Partition". This enables the Options button.
    8. Click the Options button.
    9. Change the Partition Map as follows:
    If your iMac is a PPC, set the map to Apple Partition map
    If your iMac is an Intel, set the map to GUID Partition map
    10. Click OK
    11. Name your disk and click Apply

    After the formatting is complete, quit DU and proceed with your installation.

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