New imac 2.4GHZ and iMac 400DV are off the hook

Discussion in 'iMac' started by matt_randal, Aug 4, 2008.

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    So I just moved back from the US to NZ and I got my Dad to finally upgrade his 9 year old imac 400DV. That thing was a work horse. The only hardware we ever replaced was an upgrade from its original 10GB Hard Drive to an 80GB Hard Drive. We also added a stick of 512 RAM. The machine was awesome. We upgraded through all of the OS's up to tiger. Congrats Apple. All through this time my friends were dealing with crap on their PC's....Now they all own macs!!(apart for one-who works for IBM!)

    We still have the Mac Plus from the year of its launch with its beige cary bag. That still works on OS 7.something. So my parents have been getting macs for almost 25 years!

    Anyways, on to the new imac. It is off the hook. The integration between programs is uncluttered and very efficient. Super fast. The screen is so easy to work with documents and with editing photos. I know you all already know all of this. But it is really well worth the upgrade. Ive spent time on the new imacs before but you never get a true feel for a machine till its on your own desk.

    Anyways I know this is just blabble but I just wanted to say to anyone who is hesitating about buying one. Go and get it-You will not regret it
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