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Discussion in 'iMac' started by spinnerbug, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. spinnerbug macrumors newbie

    Jun 1, 2013
    I just replaced my 6 yr old Macbook with a 27 in IMAC, 3.4 processor, 60MX 2
    GB video card, 512 SSD, 8 GB ram. Hoping I configured it just fine for what I do, photos, some video and no gaming. Will use my 1TB Lacie drive for Time Machine and add't storage and will add a SSD 256 GB Thunderbolt storage ext drive in near term, more if needed. Hope to run two monitors if I can.

    Anyone have experience with the new IMAC and let me know your thoughts on the configI made? It is coming in a week.......:)Thanks
  2. thedeske macrumors 6502a

    Feb 17, 2013
    Have the exact config. I added 32 crutial ram.
    I use a large USB3 external for photo work and several other externals in a BlacX 5G dock for movie collections, client files, etc. that I might not need on the drive all the time.
    Very pleased. This is my 4th iMac and one of 10-12 that have been in the office over the last few years.

    I don't miss the Mac Pro I had years ago, but my needs never get beyond Lightroom, PScs6 and SketchUp. The screen is close to the previous 27 in some respects, but better in others.

    As for the thin edge, I could care less. What I do like the how cool it runs & UASP enabled USB3.

    Have Fun!
  3. Nuke61 macrumors 6502

    Jan 18, 2013
    Columbia, SC
    You'll love it. Fast, silent, cool running. You *might* want to get more ram, just open Activity Monitor and look for Pageouts.
  4. spinnerbug thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jun 1, 2013
    More RAM

    Nuke 61, I may add Ram, but can do that myself if it proves I need it. Not to much won't be handled by 8GB

    Do you know if I can run an additional display with the iMac?

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