New Imac C2D Issues ?!?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by MacAttraction, Oct 15, 2006.

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    Jun 15, 2006
    Hello there,

    I bought a new Imac 20" C2D 2 weeks ago, as i traded my 1.83 ghz macbook for it (needed bigger screen). Now i am experiencing odd problems with it, in the form of the following:

    1) My mouse pointer suddenly disappears & automatically moves to the corner of the screen and travels along the top or bottom of the screen as if i am trying to click the top or bottom (dock) optionm while I am not even moving the mouse.

    2) I am trying to change the my login picture from the default (teddy bear icon) to a picture file i took with photobooth, but when i edit select the picture then close the system preference window, the old teddy bear icon comes back, it does not accept the new picture, but accepts the picture icons from apple pictures.

    3) How can i keep the computer from closing the Azureus while it is dowloading big files that take more then hours to download. I set the sleep & screen option to never in energy saver but the moment the screen saver kicks in about 15 minutes then after like over an hour the Azureus prog. shuts down as if the computer went to sleep? any helps there?

    I will greatly appreciate any solutions as the first 2 problems is making me think that i may have a "virus", as in the PC world these are characterstics of that, but one of the main reason i switched to mac is the lack of viruses. Oh i should mention this i never had that problems with the macbook it was perfect and the apple shop i bought the computer from did the file transfers for me from the macbook - and i believe a whole tranfer as when i switched my imac it was the same environment as the macbook was

    Thanx (I appologize for this lenghty thread in advance)
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    This might be too obvious, but what surface is your mouse on? If the surface is at all reflective, it'll throw the mouse off.

    Regarding Azureus, that just seem odd. I leave it running all the time, and even though the display will go to sleep, since the program is running the computer doesn't shut down. Doublecheck your settings for Azureus, make sure everything is okay there.

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