New iMac is very nice, glad I switched over


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Aug 7, 2007
Let me say I have been a PC user for many many many years and this is the first time I have EVER (besides the show room) used an iMac. And let me say, I am VERY impressed with how SIMPLE this computer is to use.

I am so impressed with how well integrated it is with web applications, desktop applications, etc.. The computer makes it easy on the person to do anything they want with a click of a button.

I am very happy I finally made the decision to make the move and with the ability to still dual boot to windows made my decision that much easier. The only reason why I will still use the windows is for one game which is not released on a mac platform.

My total cost for this machine was around 2,300. And so far it is worth every penny. I purchased it at an apple store and the extra stuff that I purchased with it were .mac, apple care, wireless mouse.

I will try and name off a few pros and cons that matter to me...


1. Ease of use, even for us transformers.
2. Less cables! This is HUGE! Love it.
3. Keyboard is great (wired) small, but VERY sturdy.
4. Applications that come with the iMac are wonderful.
5. Ability to take stuff and upload them to the internet with such ease.
6. Looks great! The Glossy screen does not reflect that much and it looks great.


1. Not bad, but I wish the apple logo in the front of the iMac illuminated.
2. Bigger mouse for us with big hands, plus the roller as well.
3. Magnet for the remote control.
4. ability to raise or lower the monitor vertically.
5. Make some of the upgrades available at the stores instead of online, ie. harddrive, processor, etc..
6. Can not get the wireless mouse to work in a windows enviroment.

Again I am EXTREMELY happy to finally get this thing and I believe I will never look back! I believe that the decision to move to intel was one of the best apple has ever made. It allowed me to convert, I mean hell who wouldn' want the chance or the ability to be able to run two operating systems. lol

I hope you enjoy your iMac as much as I do and I hope this helps any that are on the fence! Make the jump, I did :)

Genghis Khan

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Jun 3, 2007
Melbourne, Australia
yeah, i don't know what we're meant to do with them...they still sitting with my owners manual:p

welcome to mac

and i had the same trouble with the wireless mouse when i was installing it...i hate to say this, but if u used a drivers disk, reinstalling windows without the disk is the way to go :eek: