New iMac LCD screen vs. newest MBP LED screen?


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Jun 11, 2007
Bay Area
for those of you who have both the new imac and newest santa rosa MBP with the LED screen, what are your thoughts on the two? how does the brightness compare? i recently obtained a macbook for work and have been considering selling my SR MBP and purchasing a new imac (mainly for the increased screen real estate). however, i'm very very satisfied with the brightness/quality of my MBP's screen and feel that my macbook's LCD is washed out and not nearly as vibrant in comparison (my MBP is matte screen BTW). any thoughts/opinions would be appreciated.


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Jun 5, 2007
New Hampshire
Well, the MBP has a LCD screen, too. Just a LED backlight :p

Anyway, the new iMacs are very bright. I find them brighter than the 15" MBP displays, but the size difference may skew my judgment. It may take a few minutes to warm up (which isn't an issue with the MBP's LEDs), but it's positively brilliant.

As for the Macbook: try calibrating the screen on expert mode, and take your time. I recently did mine and it looks worlds better.


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Apr 11, 2007
Rocklin, CA
I have a 15.4" SR MBP and a 24" SR iMac. While the MBP display is quite good and does have a couple of strengths, I think the iMac has a much better display overall...
  • Brightness: iMac
  • Color: iMac
  • Contrast: iMac
  • Viewing Angles: iMac
  • Backlight Bleed: MBP
  • Pixel Density: MBP
Keep in mind that the 24" iMac uses a rather expensive H-IPS panel, so it stands to reason it will perform better than what you'll get in a portable.