New iMac Processor Stats


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Sep 13, 2001
Portland, OR

If there's a new iMac (which seems pretty darn likely), and it uses the IBM 750fx (Sahara), I found some official information about it.

Clockspeed: up to 1Ghz

System Bus: up to 200mhz (which means it should support DDR 2100 RAM)

Circuitry: .13 micron copper (it uses IBMs new silicon-on-insulator and low-k dielectric technologies).

Cache: 512k on chip L2 cache at processor speed

this is the results of a search for "750fx" that I ran on the IBM website. I got the info from numbers 4 and 5, but there's a lot more there.

That should end the debate about how fast the new iMac is going to be.

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Oct 23, 2001
750FX -- Thumbs up!

The stats on the FX look great.. especially the fact that it uses about half of the power of the previous chips. That will make it well suitable perhaps for low-heat applications (iBooks?!).. plus the large onchip cache and bus speeds would tend to make it pretty zippy! Already I can see overclocking this one... :)


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Feb 24, 2001
Well i'm convinced. This seems to be conclusive proof that Powermacs will be 1 ghz at this MW and iMacs at 1 ghz at MWNY.
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