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Discussion in 'iMac' started by AirBeagle, Oct 21, 2013.

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    Oct 21, 2013
    Rochester, NY
    Hi Folks,
    I'm relatively new to the Mac world, and am looking to purchase an iMac in the next week or so. To give some background, I've been a Windows user my whole life, until I picked up a 17" MacBook Pro in 2012. Now I don't think I'll ever go back. To get to my questions...

    I'll be replacing my Windows desktop with a 27" iMac, which will be used for the standard e-mail, browsing, etc., as well as some pretty heavy Adobe InDesign work (files big enough that it REALLY slows down the 17" MacBook Pro even with 16 GB Ram), as well as video processing with Adobe Premiere and Camtasia Mac, sound processing with Adobe Audition, and a bunch of other stuff like that.

    Plan is to start with 16GB of RAM, which will allow me to purchase 16GB more from OWC and install myself (I'm a bit scared of all the Crucial memory-not-fitting stories). Debating whether to go the i5 or i7 route (not sure how much hyperthreading will help me with video processing), and am pretty determined on the 780 card with 4GB ram for video.

    Where I have the most questions has to do with accessories. I'd planned on the wired keyboard, but am not sure whether I want a trackpad or mouse. I'm not a huge fan of the trackpad on my MBP, so typically I use a magic mouse with it. If I get a magic mouse for my desktop, will the two magic mice interfere with each other when I'm syncing the computers? Is that too much magic for a confined space?

    I'd also like to get a DVD drive with the system, but I've seen quite a few posts here stating that buying the external SuperDrive from Apple is a bit expensive for a not-so-wonderful drive. Can anyone provide recommendations of what a better choice would be?

    Finally, I've never been a big fan of additional warranties on desktops (occasionally have been talked into them on laptops), but the price doesn't seem too terrible for an iMac. Would you recommend getting the Applecare extended warranty?

    Thanks so much for your time and advice!
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    Jan 23, 2008
    I just ordered the 27" with a 1TB fusion, 16 GB of ram, 3.4 chipset, 780 4GB video card.

    I was going to install the ram myself, but figured I would see how the 16gb would do me as it was only 20 difference from purchasing my own (as I would have to discard the two 4GB ram after purchase, anyway making them a total loss).

    If you order from crucial, I read somewhere you need to remove the two 8GB Ram form the 1st and 3rd slot, put them in 2nd and 4th and put the crucial in the 1st and 3rd slot to ensure everything works up to snuff.

    Not that you asked but I am replacing a Macbook Pro 15" from late 2011 that is reading super slow on the disk read and write. It always had, but I always attributed it to Lion and or the way I had reused my time machine back up since 2007 only to discover the 5200 RPM disk I had is just lame. I put 16GB of RAM to see if that helped, no dice. Still slow load up and every app takes nearly 30 seconds to open from initial hopping motion.

    The extended warranty for an iMac is $100.00 less than a macbook pro. Most likely because it will be unlikely you will be moving the thing around. I don't think you require it for a desktop.
  3. Bear macrumors G3

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    I strongly recommend AppleCare.

    As for a DVD drive, I would recommend a tray loading drive in case you get a disc that has a paper label on it which won't work in slot loading drives. I do recommend getting one that has it's own power supply as some of the ones that use USB power require 2 USB ports to get enough power.

    As for the i5 vs i7, some video applications will make good use of the i7 and others won't. Also, depending how long you're planning on keeping the machine, you have to guess at what video applications will be updated to make better use of an i7 processor.

    Bluetooth peripherals like the Magic Mouse are paired with the computer you're using it with so there won't be any issue with that (as long as you know which mouse belongs to which computer).
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    Oct 21, 2013
    Rochester, NY
    Thanks for the feedback! I'm also planning on the 3TB Fusion Drive... amazing how quickly those things fill up when you're doing lots of video editing.


    Thanks Bear. Sounds like spending a couple bucks extra on the i7 is probably not a bad idea -- and I'll start looking for a good tray loading drive!

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