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Discussion in 'iMac' started by Habu71, Mar 24, 2016.

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    Got a lot done this week on getting my new iMac up and running.

    It had ended up over the last few years that i had a couple of Apple ID’s. So the other day I spent time on the phone with Apple support. They were good. We deleted one of the ID’s and now everything is on one Apple ID so iCloud, FaceTime and iMessages all work together. . Much better. He also showed me how to start the computer without a password and answered a few of my other questions. So got a lot accomplished with that one call.


    1) On my iPad I have no room to have all my Photo’s on it without buying a new one with more memory. I know iCloud gives you 5gb free but I have 29gb of photos on my iMac. iCloud only charges .99 cents a month for 50 gb of storage. Then I could have all my photos uploaded in the cloud and be able to get to them with the iPad. Would that be the best way or are there other options?

    2) The ONLY major thing I still have left is what to do with Outlook. Now that I use Mail I would like to transfer all my emails and folders from Outlook to Mail. l have researched it and still can’t find an answer. I guess I could get Office 2016 for Mac but instead of buying it I will start using Mail and Pages thats on my new iMac and get used to them. But I really need to move all those emails over. Have anyone have to do this? The program still allows me to open Outlook on this new iMac but can't do anything with them. Only Mail now works since I transferred all over to new computer.
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