New iMacs with Lion......?

Discussion in 'iMac' started by CrAkD, Jun 27, 2012.

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    Feb 15, 2010
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    I think I know the answer to this but maybe someone here has used a work around in the past. Ive been waiting for a new mac pro forever. I Think im going to settle on a new imac and thunderbolt display when they get released later next month (hopefully). I really wanted a 6 core but at least with usb3 and thunderbolt my storage problems will be solved. No way I can wait till 2013.

    My problem is it will be used in a studio running Pro Tools. I know Avid is notoriously slow with supporting new OS' (im currently stuck on Snow Leopard with PT8) I was going to update to PT10 for the new computer but I know mountain lion wont be supported out of the gate. do you think there will be a way to roll back a brand new machine to Lion even tho it shipped with mountain lion? The MBPs shipped with lion so im hoping that may help in some way. I'm running a self built hackintosh right now so I have zero problem hacking it to get it to work if I have too but I was hoping for some sort of easy supported way.....
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    From what I've read, I doubt it. There might not even be drivers for Lion if the new ones ship with Mountain Lion. Someone correct me if I'm wrong...
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    Yeah, it might be a fail. Work-arounds might exist, but without even knowing the hardware specs of the new iMacs it would be foolish to predict.

    The "new" Mac Pros announced after WWDC don't even have Thunderbolt, for crap's I feel your pain.
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    Usually you can use the earliest software that your computer shipped with. So if Mountain Lion is released before or at the same time as the new iMac then you're stuck with Mountain Lion.

    That's why for some people the current iMacs might be a better plan, as they will run Snow Leopard, Lion and ultimately Mountain Lion.

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