New Incase Slider very loose, and a fix.


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May 4, 2005
I picked up a new Incase Slider (White) this weekend for my 3GS. It had the newer shell packaging so I believe it is the latest revision. I noticed that there is a lot more room on the backcase than previous sliders. My guess is that they are trying to reduce the ammount of contact between the back rails and the phone as many have complained about marks left on the case. The problem with this, is the case is now very loose. I noticed it sliding when removing my phone from my pocket.

I've found a workaround that I think will work for anyone who is having trouble with these sliders being too loose. I've trimmed one of my business cards and placed it where the rails are in the back case. Now I can slide the phone in and it stays there. The phone still comes out without any problems, just only when I want it to.

Has anyone else tried this?


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Jul 22, 2009
Can anyone confirm this? If you can, would a bestskinsever fit well and be able to be removed easily? thanks
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