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Discussion in 'OS X El Capitan (10.11)' started by VideoBeagle, Mar 1, 2016.

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    I've just done a fresh install of El Capitan on my iMac. Erased the hard drive, fresh install..the whole shebang.Install went fine (or seemed too).

    I found early in the reloading stuff, and still going on, that when I just do "Restart from the menu", it will stall about half way thru the progress bar under the apple logo. It varies how far it gets, but it's about mid way.
    DSCF2082.JPG DSCF2083.JPG

    I'll let it sit for a few minutes, then force power off. If I then try to start it up, it will sometimes start just fine (and complain about being shut off because of a problem) or it will give me a grey screen with the mouse cursor (which will move) and the second monitor with the desktop bg.

    After letting that try for a few minutes, I'll power it off. Then it starts up just fine (and gives me the "hey, you shut off" message).

    So far, googling hasn't turned up any answers... any help?
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    Hold down Command-V as the computer starts and that should show you some text that may give a clue what's causing the startup to fail.
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    If you can boot from the Recovery Drive, run Repair Disk using Disk Utility. It's possible there is a problem with the drive.

    Boot into the Recovery Drive by holding down Command R when restarting.
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    Aug 17, 2010
    App Q&A testing by request.
    Tried that...restarted multiple times going verbose..took photos of the are the 3 that were least blury...

    none ended at the same place, but each around the stall point had lines about Airport. I have the wifi turned off... And like I said, this happens from RESTARTS....starting up from off it goes fine (usually--see fitst post).

    A first try of this stalled at air port lines, but after some stuff about little snitch starting up.. So i uninstalled that thinking it was the problem...but there was no change afterwards for many tries. DSCF2088.JPG

    Sadly, don't know what all this means. :/

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