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    Hi everyone! :D:D:D:D:D:D
    I just want to introduce you this Interactive Book for children named "My pacifier for you".
    Are you looking for an original way to separate your children from their pacifiers? This is the story you should read with them, in a playful, entertaining way. Shake the iPad, colour it, incline it or rub your fingers over it.
    It is the birthday of the little girl’s teddy bear; everything is ready, her brothers have organised a circus performance to celebrate it, the cake is
    made, the presents have been bought… but the little girl does not
    have a present for her inseparable friend. Then she has an idea: she will give him her pacifier!
    The story is an original, timeless work, full of interactive graphic effects that involve children in the reading experience, combining learning and
    entertainment (click on info button to discover all effects in each page).
    Now on promotion sale!You can find it here:

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