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Mar 9, 2012
Dear all iPhone users!

Do you love Chinese food? Of course, everybody likes it! We are a group of native Chinese young people who developed our very first iPhone app aimed to teach you how to cook authentic Chinese food! The app is called Chifan, which means eat a meal in Mandarin. We hope you’d enjoy it and it will be our great pleasant if you can share it to your friend!

Authentic Chinese Dishes: In our version 1.0, we have two streams, Classic and Premium, including 8 dishes which are the most common found in the western Chinese restaurants and they can be prepared easily on our own.

Mutli-languages: For each of the dishes, we provided a simple introduction with useful tips. We hope all users are able to follow and finish the dishes nicely. What’s most interesting, users can tap on the text and our system can change to another language - either English, Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese. Imagine that if you have a Chinese friend or you are getting the stuffs in a Chinese grocery store, it would be a headache for them to understand the English recipes. So, we provided 3 languages and the problem solved!

Timer: During some of the steps, we enable the timer function as well. Users will not forget their marination when they are sticked to The Big Bang Theory.

Shopping list:Like any other recipe apps, there is also a shopping list function. To minimize the language barrier, translation function is enabled.

We really hope you enjoy Chifan and can make delicious & authentic Chinese dishes! This is our version 1 only. We will keep adding in other dishes and enriching the dish list. So, please let me know your thoughts by reaching us

Download Chifan @ App store:

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