New iOS app "Voice Remainders" now available

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by Nexscience, May 1, 2012.

  1. Nexscience macrumors newbie

    Mar 6, 2012
    Download Link:!/id521037699?mt=8



    Calendar reminders in your own voice. No need to type. The easiest and fastest way to create calendar reminders.

    Create calendar reminders by recording in your own voice OR by taking a picture of something OR by using the usual way of typing. Your choice.

    Make your life easier with this voice 'to-do' list.
    Simply speak your personal memo or take a picture, set the time and date and be reminded in YOUR voice using YOUR own words.
    No need to type text!

    Using Apple's local notification technology, this app fuses a Dictaphone, Calendar and Alarm system into one.
    Speaking is quicker and more accurate than typing.
    Voice Reminders makes a personal memo quick, easy and naturally has no spelling mistakes!

    ✔ 1. Tap the record icon, record a reminder using your voice or take a picture of something that reminds you of the task
    ✔ 2. Set time/date for the reminder to alert you
    ✔ 3. Tap save and close the app

    All with a few taps. The time/date setting is all done using Apple's simple spinning click wheel design.

    From everyday ‘to do’ lists, to repeating annual reminders. VoCal will prompt you for any task or duty in your life.
    Your alerts are delivered even when the app is closed! Voice Reminders now includes a ‘snooze’ feature. Delay the job, but never forget it!

    You will never write a note or reminder again. Say goodbye to those yellow sticky bits of paper!


    ☆ Local notifications - No need to have app running to be reminded
    ☆ Unlimited record time
    ☆ Unlimited reminders,
    ☆ Repeat reminders (Daily, Weekly, Monthly etc)
    ☆ Full calendar viewer
    ☆ Editable snooze function
    ☆ Speedy design
    ☆ Simplified layout
    ☆ Data stays private - No recordings sent to servers
    ☆ No user names or passwords to remember

    Voice Reminders allows you to;
    ✔ Remember to take medication on time
    ✔ Remember to pick up a package
    ✔ Remember to call in to friends on the way home
    ✔ Remember to call your parents
    ✔ Remember to buy an anniversary present, every year
    ✔ Remember to contact a client at the agreed time
    ✔ Remember to confirm your flight details

    Simply, remember anything in your life!

    Download Link:!/id521037699?mt=8
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    Sep 4, 2009
    This app was just what I was looking for. It doesn't always seem to work perfect but it is a nice addition and certainly makes things easier than typing.
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    Mar 6, 2012
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    At least "reminder" is spelled correctly in the app.

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