New iOS user -- several easy questions; please help!

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    [Edit: I've edited this post by putting what I think the answers are in brackets after having done some Google searches. Please correct me if I'm wrong.]

    1) If I am sitting at my desk and I receive a message, it gives a notification sound. If I ignore it for the time being and pick my phone up 5 or 10 minutes later to check the message, it makes a notification sound again as soon as I unlock the phone.

    Is it normal for it to make the sound both when I receive the message AND also later when I actually turn on the screen to check the message?

    [Yes this is normal]

    2) Sometimes when I am on wifi and my phone has been asleep for awhile, when I first turn it on, I see the "LTE" icon which then quickly disappears and is replaced by the wifi icon. Is that normal? Does the phone turn off wifi and switch to LTE when it is asleep for awhile? Because that is certainly what appears to be happening.

    [Yes that is what is happening and yes it is normal]

    3) I know that I can use the volume buttons to change how loud my ringer and notifications are. Is it possible to put the phone into vibrate mode (and turn the ringer to silent) using just the volume buttons, or am I required to use the little switch by the volume buttons to do that?

    [You can only silence by turning on DND or flipping the switch]

    4) Relatedly, is the only way to completely silence the phone by turning Do Not Disturb on?

    [Yes, or by flipping the switch but having all notification vibrations switched to OFF]

    5) Under "Location Services" -> "System Services" do I need to leave "On" Cell Network SEarch, Compass Calibration, and Setting Time Zone? I already have Diagnostics and Usage, Genius for Apps, and Location-Based iAds switched OFF.

    [Nobody really knows. They may be assisting the phone to function in some way, or they may be purely a mechanism for Apple to collect data about you.]

    6) How does automatic brightness work? I previously turned it off and set my phone to about 20% brightness. But earlier today, I was in a completely dark room, I turned the brightness slider all the way up (it was really bright), and then I switched automatic brightness to "ON" expecting it to decrease the brightness accordingly since I was in a completely dark room. To my surprise, it did absolutely nothing.

    Does it just take it awhile to work? Or should it be working instantly as soon as I turn it on? As far as I can tell turning it on did absolutely nothing for 5 or 6 seconds, and then I just switched it OFF and manually decreased brightness.

    [Yes, just takes awhile to work. If you set the brightness slider to minimum and turn on Auto Brightness, it should work, even if only gradually.]

    I think that's all for now. Many thanks for any assistance!
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    The sound/tone you are hearing is not played again when you unlock the phone, but a few minutes later (i think about 2 mins) if you haven't opened the text message you have received. It's just reminding you again that you have received a text message in case you haven't heard it earlier. You can turn this off by going into Settings>notifications>messages turn the repeat alert off. Or click here for a video

    Yes that is normal. :D The few seconds when you unlock your phone or wake it from sleep, the phone is not connected to a wifi network. Once the phone connects to a wifi netwrok, you will see the 3G or LTE icon replaced with the wifi icon to show that it is connected to a wifi network. Normally, when the phone is asleep, it is disconnected from a wifi netwrok. Hope that makes sense.

    If you want to turn off the ringer, any alert sounds and phone sounds, you should use the switch on the side of the phone - Vibrate-only mode will be active unless you disable this also in the Settings (explained in next question). You cannot go into vibrate only mode by lowering the volume down using the volume buttons (you will notice that the lowest it goes down is to 1 bar).

    No, you can go into the Settings> Sounds and turn 'Vibrate on Ring' and/or 'Vibrate on Silent' to OFF.

    Sorry, couldn't understand that question

    Yes, it takes a while for it to adjust as the room lighting may change frequently (e.g. you may be walking from room to room or the room light was switched on for a few seconds. The phone won't adjust it's brightness straight away until it is 'comfortable' that your in a stable environment, it's just the way Apple has programmed it.)

    I recommend leaving the brightness half way, as it is in default, and turn ON automatic brightness. It works well.

    If for example, the brightness does not adjust as quickly as you want, the best way to get it to adjust instantly is to lock the phone and then unlock it straight away - the phone will adjust it's screen brightness immediately. You can even do the same thing and leave your hand to cover the proximity/light sensor just above the earpiece to fool the phone into thinking you're in the dark, but that won't really last for long unless you keep your finger/hand over the sensor. Use the screen brightness slider to adjust the brightness manually and override the automatic brightness.

    Hope that help. ;)
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    Thank him for having patience. I would have just redirected you to google lol
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    Actually, the automatic brightness works in a different way on the iPhone 5. Now you set the minimum brightness (which is what position you put it on manually), so when you put it 15% for example and turn on automatic brightness it will never drop below that.
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    Honest response… though not helpful :p
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    If you read my OP, you'll see that I have already been to Google, that I pasted the Google answers into my questions, and was basically seeking confirmation.

    Not a ton of patience required, but thanks anyways.
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    Auto brightness tries to maintain a constant screen brightness relative to the surrounding. So if you walk in a dark room, keep the brightness to say 20% and walk out to a well lit room, the brightness should increase gradually so that the strain on your eye is almost the same. When you walk into the dark room again, the brightness, ideally should decrease back to 20%.
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