new ipad 3 uk need advice 64gb+4g model


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Sep 4, 2010
okay so ive just pulled the trigger, ipad is lieing here waiting to connect to wifi.

i didnt buy a sim card from the apple store cos someone before linked me to a £15 sim for 3GB block of data which expires in 3 months... so do i get that or have any better deals surfaced?

also just need general advice on apps i should get, icloud sync etc. i already have a MBP and an iphone.

im a medical student so any advice much appreciated if anything can help me out from that perspective.

i did not buy a cover. only a smart cover so again screen protectors/sleeves and links which be much loved. thank u guys!


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Apr 14, 2011
hahaha awesome! are speeds/coverage good?

what happens if u go over the 3GB?

how does it compare to like this deal:
If you go over 3gb it stops until the next month. It is a much better deal than the normal Three deal as your only getting 3GB whereas on this one your getting 18GB essentially over the 6 months. Data speeds are good. Better than my 4S on Three.

Here is a speed test