New iPad case from Belkin


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Mar 8, 2012
Wish they would post more photos and provide more specs. I'm interested but need more info before I buy something online that I can't touch and feel.

Swiss Miss

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Jun 20, 2010
Orlando, FL
These are very nice. I will consider getting the TriFold Folio once they're available. It has very similar attributes as the rooCASE leather case I had for my iPad 2 (which I sold with the iPad); protects the back and has "smart cover" function. It also had a bezel around the front though. I thought I would hate that but it actually wasn't so bad. But anyways - glad this one won't have anything covering the front bezel!

I already went ahead and purchased the Incipio Lexington for now since they'll ship March 16th, but if I hear good things about this one as well, I don't mind jumping ship!