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Oct 20, 2011
All you hear about the the iPad is that they doubled the resolution and it now has 4x the pixels. That's great (I want one badly), but I have a somewhat idly curious question: did they double the resolution of the touch sensor? If no one knows, is there any way for me to find out?

I assume they did not, nothing has changed on the users side (unless evolution has accelerated) and the iPad multitouch sensors are the best I'e used. But I am wondering if doubling the sensor grid would allow for finer stylus design (more actual styli instead of crayons).

I also wonder if the disconnect from display / input resolutions may be a headache for some developers that are doing custom UI or interactivity and want the fine detail. Drawing or notetaking programs especially.

Thoughts anybody?


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Jun 8, 2011
For the love of god please put in an active digitizer so I can use my Wacom pen. >.< It would make Sketchbook Pro sooooooo much easier to use. My fingers aren't fat but I'm annoyed whenever I try to draw something and it looks like a 2 year old scribbled on a sheet of paper.
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