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    Mar 24, 2012
    My new iPad is gone and so are my frustrating wifi restraints.
    The applestore seen fit to exchange it for a brown box refurb but at about 40 days of all these iPads being in circulation I figure this is just as new as any of them.
    It's only been a few hours but I get what my ipad2 was getting which is lstrong crisp speed with zero lag time. The ip2 was strong everyday for 8 months so we'llsee if it matches up.
    One thing I did notice was dust under the plastic wrapping on the pad. Not dust but like paper towel fibers under the plastic.
    I asked the helpful genius if they see the wifi glitch passing through the store much and if customers find. Exchanges satisfactory but these people are so weary of saying something that might whatever , bring down the company or something ...maybe cause Steve's ghost to haunt their dreams.
    It's really sickening how they dance around a simple , confirmed ,publicized glitch like this wifi weakness.
    Omg , it amazing how they stutter suddenly but I give the guy an A- for his ability to see the problem and do as much as he could to keep me satisfied.
    I wish they could teach my wife the last attribute.
    Anyway ,bye bye signal drop out.
    Thanks for all the info offered here over the past few weeks everyone.
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    May 3, 2010
    Beat poetry night?

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