New iPad screen flickers and then goes black

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  1. Coeuspolus macrumors newbie

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    On a few occasions now in the last week, upon start up my iPad screen has flickered like crazy, flashed streams of colored lines and then the screen will go black until I turn it on again. I purchased the iPad new at the store right after it was released and have never had any issues until now. I was stunned when it began happening, actually. I hardly use it--simply sits at my bedside (never dropped it or anything) and I read or watch video occasionally. I finally spoke with a representative today and will call back when I have my iPad in front of me. Is this likely a hardware problem? I suspect it is. At this point I'm hoping they offer to replace it, as this appears to be a rather serious defect and I fear it may only get worse. Any comments or thoughts? Has anybody else experienced this?
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    Sounds like a serious hardware fault to me, Apple will most likely replace it providing they can replicate the issue you have described. It's much better to get it replaced now than in a few months time as all the replacements are brand new and not refurbished

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