New iPad screen has a blue tint


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Apr 14, 2012
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Mine has a blue tint too... Not yellow like everyone else seems to be complaining of.
I just bought a new iPad. The blue tint is very noticeable. I had two iPad 2. None have this problem.


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May 26, 2010
Haters Gonna Hate

I believe that the people who don't believe in the blue tint are apple retail employees who have argued with the customer about their iPad.

Anyone that has had it can tell you, looking at iOS or any of the other common apps you use, will show you that the colors are extremely off and off putting.

if you suspect your ipad has a blue tint, like mine did, then return it. Not all of them are like that and maybe you'll be lucky enough to get one that isn't.

For me it was the simpsons game, tapped out. Once I opened it, I could see that all the characters looked sick because they were a greenish yellow (yellow and blue make green) instead of a warm orange yellow. It was like someone put a filter on my whole screen to give it a blue tint. The keyboard was the big kicker, it looked purple instead of grey/blue.

I don't need to prove this to anyone other then the apple "genius" which I have done already. However take a close look at the edge of the screen because that will also suffer from a blue edge and might not be noticeable the first glance. I'm going back again tomorrow.



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Apr 15, 2012
It's because the iPad 4's color accuracy is much higher, that's why there's a different hue compared to the iPad 2.