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    Apr 30, 2010
    WSI would like to announce the immediate availability of our Intellicast iPad App. This is a native iPad app displaying up to the minute forecast information from our highly successful website.

    Here's the details:-

    The source for expert weather on the web is now available as an iPad App. Intellicast has taken its leading edge meteorological content and applied best in class user interface design to create an outstanding weather app experience.

    - NOWrad HD, the most timely high definition interactive radar for the United States
    - Blended infrared and visible high-resolution cloud imagery for North America and the surrounding waters
    - Exclusive patent pending Road Weather Index showing weather related road hazards
    - High resolution temperatures, wind speeds and snow cover
    - Real-time earthquake plotting
    - Doppler radar storm tracking which identifies severe weather cells and their likely path
    - Hurricane, typhoon and tropical cyclone tracking
    - The industry’s most accurate forecasts for over 50,000 locations around the world
    - Fully integrated GPS and user defined location awareness
    - Color coded severe weather alerts from the National Weather Service

    Here's the link

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    We're interested in any feedback and suggestions for future features.

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    All the pretty overlays.

    I take it, this is only for the USA area of the globe?

    Are the data sources that could be found that cover other areas, UK for example?

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