New ipad with camera eary next year!!

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    By Kelvin Soh, Argin Chang and Melanie Lee
    HONG KONG/TAIPEI/SHANGHAI | Fri Dec 10, 2010 4:54pm EST
    (Reuters) - Apple Inc is working on a smaller iPad tablet with built-in cameras that could ship early next year, according to manufacturers in Asia.

    The launch of a new, smaller iPad would expand the iPhone and Macintosh computer maker's portfolio of tablet gadgets that has made waves across the global technology landscape and threatens the laptop market.

    Makers of parts of the new iPad are gearing up for a new round of production in the first quarter, these sources said on Friday.

    "Having different sizes expands the market and makes it appeal to more people," said Kaufman Bros analyst Shaw Wu.

    A smaller iPad would be a departure as Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs has publicly rejected the idea of such a device in October.

    Wu said that while Jobs has a history of throwing Apple watchers off the scent of a good rumor -- most famously when he derided the idea of iPods that play videos -- Apple has also worked on many prototypes that never see the light of day.

    Apple's iPad resurrected the market for tablet computers since its introduction in January, with nearly 13 million units expected to ship this year. That total could almost triple next year, providing a much-needed boost for a global technology sector struggling with patchy demand.

    Touchscreen chip designer Wintek Corp, battery maker Simplo Technology Co Ltd and AVY Precision, a privately held maker of covers for electronic products, are among suppliers for the next batch of iPads, four people familiar with the situation said.

    Two sources said the suppliers were preparing for a new round of production in the first quarter for components previously supplied for the original iPad, while two other sources said they were ramping up for a new iPad.

    One source said the revamped model would feature cameras on the front and and back of the device, enabling Apple's Facetime video conferencing service. Another source said it would be slimmer, lighter and have a better resolution display than the first iPad.

    A separate supply chain source said Apple was preparing a significantly smaller iPad that is almost half the size of the current model. The current iPad has a 9.7-inch screen.

    In October, Jobs dismissed the idea of a 7-inch iPad, saying the screen would be "too small to express the software."


    "Investing in Apple-related shares is going to be a major theme for most of next year," said Bevan Yeh, a fund manager at Prudential Securities investment Trust, who manages about T$7 billion ($230 million) and owns supplier shares.

    "Apple is still the main driver on most technology products, and this will help push the earnings of its suppliers even more in 2011," Yeh said.

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    Damnit, you've all stood in my way for far too long! I'm going to clown college!
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    Apple has got a warehouse somewhere (probably Utah, why not? What else is in Utah) full of junk that never got produced. If some company somewhere SAYS (aka some factory worker who wants attention says) Apple is ordering 7 inch screens, who KNOWS what that could be. Not to mention, while a 7 inch iPad sounds cool, imagine the software NIGHTMARE. Unless it had identical resolutions, it would be a pain in the butt to have software for now THREE screen sizes. No thank you.

    We will see, eventually, but please stop posting these threads over and over again about factory workers taking about apple buying stuff! It doesn't mean anything! If Steve Jobs bought a package of wheat things that doesn't mean he's using it for size comparison for the next iPod nano!!!!

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    ipad + camera

    It is working on a smaller iPad tablet with built-in cameras that could ship early next year, according to manufacturers in Asia. So it will be the beautiful product to use in the market. There are so many features including this product.It is beneficial to all who want to use ipad and camera both together.
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    3 earth minutes from your location....

    You realize that this has been reported and reported, and reported ad nauseam right? I bet if you had used the search feature, you could have saved the wear and tear on your keyboard by not posting repeat threads.
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    Jobs has already said no 7" ipad, I say at least for now. If it catches on I bet he'll reevaluate it or release a 7".1 and say this is the right size or they'll call it the iTab that way his there will never be a 7" iPad holds true ;)

    I don't really see any size changes this go around.

    It would be nice to have a different size option though
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    As what i've read to several articles it is the same size with the first iPad they just put a built in camera and several additional specs
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    I'd like Apple to bring out a 7" Tablet so I can see the Apple Loyalists to a 180 degree turn again as they did on the horrid and cheap iPhone4 design till they realised it was the real thing and not actually a fake like they thought :D

    Remember, Apple won't release a smaller tablet as Steve Jobs says you can't operate a smaller device than the iPad without shaving away at your fingers.

    And 7" is too small anyway as it's almost phone size, and no one wants one that small.

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    I hope it's 13"
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    I sure hope it comes eary!!
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    Everyone knows iPad 2 will be coming sometime or before April 2011. Thanks for being captain obvious.
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    If you want to shoot your iPad at a party, you can do that now. I bet there is even a target app.
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