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Discussion in 'iPad' started by QCassidy352, May 14, 2019.

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    I just got a new iPad Air (2019) after 4+ years with my Air 2. Love it so far!

    One pretty annoying issue though. I have Apple Music and a library of about 8,000 songs. The iPad readily downloaded most of those songs, but a sizable minority simply will not download. I click the download icon in the iPad's music app, and the little blue circle just spins endlessly. I had this same issue with the first iPad Air I just bought (and had to return for unrelated reasons).

    Not that this should make a difference, but these are songs I owned as downloads before I ever got Apple Music but are now part of my Apple Music library.

    It's not most of the music, but definitely enough to be an issue. This is a wifi iPad, and I'm not always on a network.

    Any help much appreciated! Thank you!
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    I have a feeling that those music are pulled from Apple Music. I could be wrong.
    In the meantime, maybe try to play those songs from Apple Music and “make it available offline”?
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    Matthew Essex

    Apr 11, 2014
    I have the same issue on my iPhone XS Max.
    I think it’s the music I loaded into iTunes Match that cause this issue.
    What I have done to fix the issue is to delete the album from the phone and then add it to my library again, then they download as normal.
  4. QCassidy352, May 15, 2019
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    There’s a lot of songs, though. Too many to have all been pulled at once.

    When I stream them from Apple Music, I’m not seeing an option for “make it available offline.” Can you tell me where that is? Thanks!
    Hmm, I tried that with one song, and it did work - thanks! But, it’s a lot of songs... that would take a while! I’m hoping there’s something else I can do.

    Thanks for the help, all.

    Edit: Had a thought - what if I turned off Apple Music, deleted all the music on the iPad, and then music over from my Mac? But then what would happen when I turned Apple Music back on for the iPad?

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