New iPhone 3.0 2009...or not?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by ipoppy, Jan 26, 2009.

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    I just wonder what is your guess of when new iPhone 3.0 will come out again. Looking on cycles it should be sometimes this summer. But the strange thing is we not hear much rumors about what THEY up to.
    The other thing is what they will include in their software/hardware this time? I know the list is long but obviously to keep up at least with current market they need go for:
    - video recording
    - proper MMS included with tariff
    - copy/paste

    There is one interesting thing which is that Apple haven't realized how quickly iPhone becoming gaming platform. They need just proper hardware for it and that can compete with DS or PSP. To prove I am not alone with that kind of thinking I quote part of article from All things digital:

    "The first: A rumor that iPhone 3.0 will support quad-core processors destined for an upcoming iPhone hardware revision. If this proves true and Apple (AAPL) does release a multi-core GPU iPhone–which is not as much of a stretch as you might think–it would likely support features we’re more accustomed to seeing on the PC. And as The Apple Core’s Jason O’Grady notes, “It would slaughter pretty much every portable gaming platform on the market.”

    The second: Apple has applied for a patent on a behind-screen camera that could capture images “while the display elements are in an inactive state (in which the display elements are darkened and at least partially transparent).” It doesn’t take much of a leap to see that technology brought to bear on a next-gen iPhone and the long rumored iChat AV Mobile.

    Those are two potential killer features for a device that already has three things the Pre does not: a maturing platform, a thriving developer ecosystem and a market leading music player and store. Are they just rumor and speculation? For now, certainly. But given the pace of innovation in the mobile industry, and more specifically, at Apple–where the multi-touch phone that Palm (PALM) is now aping originated two years ago–they’re not beyond the realm of possibility, are they?"

    All article can be found under :

    So what you think about date and what will in new iPhone 3.0 then?
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    Riddle:: Who does not know how to use the search forums tool before posting?
    Answer:: You.


    Oh and O’Grady is a fool. Do not listen to him at all.

    Oh and MMS. Give it up. It's a dying tech. Ain't going to happen.

    Tell your friends to buy a real phone.
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    I bet 95% of the iPhone forum have some rambling of the new iPhone
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    "There is one interesting thing which is that Apple haven't realized how quickly iPhone becoming gaming platform"

    Uhh...What? The first day they showed off the SDK they were showing games on it. And they have been advertising the iPod Touch as a gaming device. How could you even begin to claim they don't realize it is a gaming platform? :confused::confused:

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