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    Okay, my wife and I own the iPhone 4 and we are up for renewal and want the iPhone 5. My son just recently got the iPod (5th Generation) and when he went to set it up on our MacBook he was unable to do so because with the OS we have (10.5.8) we were unable to download the new iTunes (we have 10.6.3). It is telling me that it is updated but when I go on our iMac the newest version is 11.0.1. When I click update on the MacBook to update the OS it says there are no updates at this time. We are still able to sync our iPhone 4s to the MacBooks however. My concern is what happens when we buy the new iPhone 5 and we are unable to hook up to the MacBooks because of the OS issue? How do we get our information on the new phone? Thanks!
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    The iPhone 5 requires Snow Leopard or higher.

    Here is some info from the Apple support threads on this that should help you out:


    If you are using the 4S already another perhaps easier option is to use iCloud and create a back up using iCloud. When you are setting up the iPhone 5, you will have an option in the beginning of the process to set the phone up as new, restore from an iCloud backup, or restore from an iTunes backup.

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