new iPhone 5 won't work with exchange emails

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    I currently am using two exchange email accounts - one being Gmail. I also use the Gmail account for my contacts and calendar.

    Everything worked perfectly fine on my iPhone 5 but I had to take it to the Apple store for an unrelated issue. They gave me a new phone and I restored this phone from iCloud. Now - the Gmail account doesn't work at all and my work e-mail (also exchange) simply works "sometimes". I deleted the account and set it up from scratch but it still does not work. I also cross checked it with my iPad and both have the exact same settings (iPad works fine).

    The error I am getting for Gmail is "The connection to the server failed"

    The error I am getting for my work exchange server is "The Mail server (XXX) is not responding. Verify that you have entered the correct account info in Mail settings"

    I am currently on hold with Apple but the lady I am speaking with is pretty clueless.

    Thanks in advance for the help!

    Updated: my call was disconnected *cry*
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    Found solution for Gmail aspect of it here -!topicsearchin/gmail/-is:responded/gmail/oGeHuvTPtRM

    Still unable to get my work exchange account working.

    Edit: Fixed it by deleting account and starting from scratch.

    Hope this helps others. Thanks

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