New iPhone 5c freezing issues

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by phaedarus, Jun 13, 2014.

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    Hello everyone,

    After the untimely death of my iPhone 3G, I was given an iPhone 5C a little under 2 weeks ago and haven't done much with it as I'm currently awaiting the 7.1.1 jailbreak. The iPhone still has everything at factory defaults with no additional applications loaded in.

    Today was my first outing with the iPhone 5c (still at factory default) and discovered to my horror that the iPhone was freezing up and generally became unresponsive. I wasn't able to open apps or even make calls.

    I was able to isolate the problem to the brightness setting. When adjusted above the 50% threshold, the iPhone would freeze incessantly. Although I could home screen out, I wasn't able to swipe to the next screen or go back to the original application I had open. So long as the brightness is above 50%, 2 minute freezing at perhaps 2 second break intervals were observed. Another strange phenomenon was that at the highest brightness setting, a magenta colour cast would dominant the screen along with what seemed like slider ghosting artifacts.

    The only option was to force shut down and then switch the unit back on. At this point, sometimes the phone was still frozen and swiping to unlock the phone would not work. I had to depress the home button a second time before swiping would activate. At this point, I had to quickly hurry back into the settings and into the brightness options. If I failed to do this within a few seconds, opened another application or simply went into the wrong area in the settings screen, the lockup would commence and I would again have to force shutdown to repeat the procedure.

    If I managed to make it into the brightness setting, the next objective would be to slide the brightness below the 50% threshold. This could take 10 minutes or more as every swipe would move the brightness slider about half a centimeter before locking up for a further 2 minutes. Sometimes it was actually faster to force shutdown the phone, switch it back on and then load up settings which would automatically take me back to the brightness and wallpaper configuration tab. A few more swipes would finally get it back below the 50% brightness threshold and then all freezing and lockups would suddenly cease.

    Would this be indicative of issues relating to 7.1.1 or a faulty iPhone 5c unit?

    Should I have the phone taken back to the telecommunications company where it was purchased or to an Apple store?

    The one dilemma I have is that the phone was unlocked at my own expense (the original carrier was Bell Canada and they charged $50 to unlock it). Would Apple provide me with an unlocked phone as a replacement if the unit is indeed faulty?
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    Try restoring your phone with iTunes and don't restore from a backup. If your phone is still having these issues with a clean install, it's probably a hardware issue.

    I'd take it to an Apple store, but that's just me.

    Ask the folks at the Apple store? When Apple replaced my unlocked 5s the replacement was also unlocked. My situation was a little different because I purchased the phone unlocked.
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    Gotta be in it to win it
    Something clearly is wrong. The 5c devices at the apple store are at 100% brightness and none of them crash. The phone is under warranty, so I would restore as new first then apple second.

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