New iPhone App Targets Teens to Sell Green Pool Heater

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    FACT: There are now approximately 6 million iPhones and 6 Million In-ground Pools in the USA.
    Heat Siphon is betting that it?s new "My Pool" (
    iPhone App will find a large population who have both.

    Heat Siphon Swimming Pool Heat Pump manufacturer, US ThermoAmp Inc. has just released a new iPhone App
    "My Pool" ( in an effort to reach
    their ultimate customers - Pool and Spa Owners, directly instead of through their normal sales distribution channel -
    swimming pool builders.

    More specifically, they hope to put My Pool in the hands of iPhone App consuming teenagers whose parents
    own a pool so they can prove to them how inexpensive and "green" it would be to heat their pool with a Heat Siphon.

    In business since 1983, Heat Siphon maker?s President, Bill Bernardi, says
    ". . . it has been an uphill battle to get pool builders to adopt our relatively high tech, higher cost,
    higher efficiency pool heat pump over the fossil fuel pool heaters they have sold for decades. Pool Dealers
    tend to not be early adopters of new products like Swimming Pool Heat Pumps."

    "Most of these pool dealers are backhoe operators, cement contractors and hands on people,
    God bless them, but they aren?t tech savvy are not really the best demographic match for an iPhone App
    or even a desktop computer user”

    Since Heat Siphon reduces a pool owner?s carbon footprint by about 46% when compared
    to a natural gas pool heaterm (,
    the growing emphasis on green appliances has helped, but they still estimate that only one out of ten pool heaters sold is a heat pump.

    Heat Siphon saw the iPhone App phenomena as a golden opportunity to "leapfrog" over the pool builders and
    reach the end user, in-ground pool owners.

    My Pool ( lets you select the
    shape and size of your pool and specify various parameters including pool pump runtime, turnovers, water temperature,
    electric and other fuel costs, cover use, %shade, wind speed, air temperature, equipment back-pressure and more
    - OR just use the default settings. My Pool constantly displays the results: the pool gallons, pump HP and daily pump or heating costs
    depending on the view.

    Heat Siphon Swimming Pool Heat Pump's factory and main offices are Located in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. It was incorporated in 1983.

    Contact • United States ThermoAmp Inc. 1223 Heat Siphon Lane • Latrobe, PA 15650 Voice: 724-537-3500 • FAX: 724-537-2216 • Email:

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    Still researching for the best method of giving warmth to my pool. now there's have an easy way for thing things. Thumbs up for this post!

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