New iPhone firmware 2.0 allows Airplane Mode ON with WIFI enabled !

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by fredsarran, Jul 1, 2008.

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    I just checked out the Guided Tour of the iPhone 3G, at - On the current iPhone with firmware 1.1.4, when you enable Airplane Mode, you cannot use the WIFI. But in this video, with an iPhone 3G and firmware 2.0, he showed that with Airplane Mode ON you can still enable the WIFI, while your phone network and 3G/EDGE is disabled.

    I had this problem when using my iPhone abroad, while I was using the local WIFI of the place I stayed in (and it was free), sometimes my iPhone switched to the strongest network (even with Data Roaming turned off). And with time, the costs pilled up and cost me extra on top of my monthly contract.

    I am in the UK and soon moving to Ireland. Because I cannot cancel the contract, I want to use my iPhone with Airplane Mode ON but still wanting to go on my WIFI (I have to live with my iPhone until my contract ends, and I will not send/receive calls because it is way to expensive).

    Anyway, just felt like sharing this great little news :)

    iPhone. Don't see it as a phone otherwise it gets expensive. See it as a portable computer, and you realize it is cheap :apple:
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    You should be able to cancel the contract due to moving to an area that doesn't have the appropriate coverage. At least that's the case in the USA, because if your "roaming" is more than 50% the carrier will cancel the contract. It may be different with the International Community...Just my .02 cents...:eek:
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    ^^ ignore this guy, he's only giving you 1/100th his opinion :eek:

    ...2 hundredths of a cent, get it, no? ok fine :p
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