New iphone firmware on leopard release?


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Feb 4, 2007
anyone expecting of a new firmware release for the iphone/ipt when leopard is released today?
and for those that installed leopard, is itunes the same version as it was last on tiger? since no update to itunes has been sent out unless it will come out later tonite.
Just wondering what the new OS might do to the hacked iphones/ipt


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May 13, 2005
It will be here within a week or 2, probably around the UK launch date.

They have been busy getting Leopard ready, and have only recently been able to focus on other things. But it will be here, along with network disk support for time machine.

Can anyone think of any other tie ins beside notes?

I would like to see bluetooth syncing of address book, ical, notes - they are small enough files to be no problem. Would rather plug it in for music though. Perhaps Apple will not add this though, as it would be more "messy" than the current methods.
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