new iphone game is comming Skillfly

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    SkillFly: The lost city in the space !*
    You are lost in an abandoned city in the space with tunnels and mazes...
    Escape*from the city and find the exit*in the shortest time avoiding collissions as much as possible.
    Wanna Try?
    You are*going to have obstacles and entertaining puzzles before*escaping from there.*
    How to play?
    Use the iPhone accelerometer to*control the spaceship.
    Use the accelerator Button on the right of the screen to adjust your speed.
    Take care of collisioning with objects, they can damage your spaceship and it may explode.*
    Your objective is to find the EXIT but first you have to solve all kind of mazes, and very funny and entertaining puzzles. *
    In every update*we will add more levels and more worlds.
    Your comments*are always welcome.*

    here is the video: ...

    thanks for all your comments
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