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    Old Man & Sea


    By iCoolPlay
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    This is a kind of leisure cartoon harpoon-fishing game. With the cheerful music, fine art, you may get a relaxation when you play it.

    How to play:
     There is 60 seconds for you to gain enough money according to the goal in each game level. Your score you got in the last level will cumulate to the next level.
     Tap the space above the sea level to move the character left or right.
     Tap the space beneath the sea level to harpoon fish.
     You can tap the skill icon when it is flashing, which means you have enough mana.
     You can press the icon, the bomb or fish bait will drop into the sea, it will explode or spread
    until you release the icon.

     There are two characters, an old man Sandiago and a little girl Ziye, they have different extraordinary fishing abilities.
     The characters will upgrade to max 40 levels and become stronger and faster.
     There are three beautiful scenes: Hawaii, North Pole and Bermuda. In different scene, you may not only see the beautiful Hawaiian scenery with the warm tropical fishes, the world of ice and snow North Pole and the different cold-water fishes, moreover you may explore the mystical Bermuda and the prehistoric sea life.
     There are three different styles in each scene according to the current system time: morning, afternoon, night. Thus you may enjoy early rosy cloud all over the sky in Hawaii, aurora borealis in North Pole , silent mystical noon time in Bermuda.
     In this game, you can not only use the fishing harpoon to seize the fishes, but also you can learn some special skills or buy some unique props to get more fish. For example: The bomb, the fish bait, the stun baton skill, multi-harpoon skill and so on. Especially Ziye can summon a faithful turtle to help catching fishes.
     The fishes and the monsters also have the high AI, they can avoid the fishing harpoon and the turtle like the real.
     The fishes and the monsters can get together when you put the bait in the sea, particularly the small fishes look for food together for a better survival.
     To the boss fish, they not only have quick speed, also the vigilance is high, usually when you injure it, you could chase after and never give up, until you haul him up.
     The shake feature: How could I do when the fish still in the bottom of the sea? The answer is you can shake your iphone or ipod to boost those fish up!
     There are some treasure boxes and pearls in the sea. The pearls are really valuable, there are some positive or negative buffs in the treasure box, for example the strong or faint.
     There are a lot of props in the game shop, you may purchase the different props in different scene, thus which could let you catch more fish.
     You also could study some business skills to spend less money on props. Moreover you may also study the other one more important skill: improve the price of fish. Therefore, in our game, you not only to learn how to harpoon fish, but also to have a test of your commercial ability.
     If you fail in the level, don’t worry, we have the auto-save function to let you try again and add extra 40 fury mana.

    Coming soon in the next versions:
    In the future, we will update Old Man & Sea:
     To add new scenes.
     To add new character.
     To add new skills, improve all the character’s max level.
     To add wifi network version, thus you could play the game with your friends!
    Are you interested? Lets us play together!



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