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Jun 11, 2007
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New Patent for additional gestures.

Apple Could Add More Gesture Controls to the iPhone
Submitted by Ed Hardy on Monday, August 06, 2007
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Apple has filed for a patent that describes a new feature it might add to the iPhone. This describes a method that would make it easier for users to control this device through its touchscreen.

This smartphone already has a touch-oriented control system. The system Apple wants a patent for would create a sort of dictionary of gestures people could use to perform common tasks. For example, moving a finger on the screen in the shape of a W could launch the web browser.

The patent application says that these gestures could be made with more than one finger, creating what it calls a chord. The current iPhone already some two-fingered gestures, such as reducing the size of an image by squeezing its corners.

Apple's proposed system includes chords users set for themselves, in addition to the pre-defined ones.

The application, which was filed in early January, can be found on the U.S. Patent and Trademark web site.

More Than Just the iPhone?

One line in this patent application has set off a burst of speculation about this company's plans. It says that this patent is for "desktop computers, tablet computers, notebook computers, handheld computers, personal digital assistants, media players, mobile telephones, and the like."

At this point, the iPhone is Apple's only device with a touch screen, but this patent could be taken as an indication that this company intends to release more.

Of course, it could also be Apple covering any potential products it might develop at some point in the future.


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Man, I can't believe the things Apple is trying to patent. User defined gestures are old hat. Just because touchscreens are new to them, doesn't mean that they're new to those of us who've been programming with them for decades. Ah well.

In any case, web news "reporters" should stop and think before writing:

A lot of user gestures wouldn't work with the iPhone, since a finger drag motion is used for scrolling almost everywhere. Fingertip scrolling prohibits a lot of gestures. The usual method of copy & paste being one. Recognizing any kind of drag as anything but a scroll (or delete if you go against the scroll grain) would be confusing.